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    Daniel & Helaine Setton

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    DSH Oakwood Jewelers is a full service Jeweler 

    located in Hollywood Florida. We do not just sell jewelry 

    we also do repairs. We also provide appraisals 

    through our professional in-house GIA certified gemologist. 

    If you are looking for custom made Jewelry, 

    our staff is more than capable of helping you design 

    your own unique piece of jewelry 

    at the lowest prices.

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    DSH We Buy Gold
    DSH G.I.A. Certified Diamonds
    DSH Jewely and Watch Repair
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    Diamonds, gold, and silver galore! Here at DSH Oakwood Jewelers, we are a jewelry store Hollywood, Florida residents love. We offer a fine selection of pre-made and custom-made jewelry for any occasion, as well as appraisals and repairs by our certified staff. Check us out!

    Meet DSH Oakwood Jewelers

    Are you getting ready to propose? Looking to fix up the family necklace before you pass it on to your grandchild? Looking for the most extravagant way to say, “I love you?” Whatever your needs, DSH Oakwood Jewelers has just the piece that will become your new favorite. We carry a wide variety of gold, silver, and diamond products, in all shapes, sizes, and styles. Not only that, but we also offer a wide assortment of services to help analyze and take care of your jewelry, whether it’s new or old. 

    Who We Are

    Established by our founders, Helaine and Daniel Setton, DSH Oakwood Jewelers has been in the business for over 50 years. That’s five decades worth of experience, alongside our equally qualified and dedicated staff, including our in-house GIA certified gemologist. We take the utmost care and detail in finding you just the piece you are looking for or prescribing the service you are in need of. At DSH Oakwood, we offer products strictly of the highest quality. Our gold pieces come in 14 karat and 18 karat measurements, and our diamonds are all graded by the GIA. These are the key components to our wide range of pre-made jewelry, as well as our custom-made options if you’ve got something special in mind. We delight in creating custom-made pieces, as they are truly one of a kind, just like our customers. 

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    What We Offer

    We do more than simply sell magnificent jewelry, however. DSH Oakwood performs an assortment of services, such as buying and selling gold, watch and jewelry repairs, appraisals by our professional in-house GIA certified gemologist, and production of custom-made jewelry at great prices. So, no matter the occasion, no matter the need, when it’s time to take care of the finer things in life, stop by DSH Oakwood Jewelers.

    More Than Just a Jewelry Store Hollywood Loves: Check Out Our Services

    We are proud to provide our customers with a variety of jewelry and watch-related services, such as: 

    • Buying/Selling Gold,

    • Watch and Jewelry Repairs,

    • Custom-made Jewelry Production, and

    • In-house, Professional Appraisals.

    What Makes DSH Oakwood Jewelry Special

    DSH Oakwood is more than simply fine jewelry and expert repairs. Our unique products and services make us one of the top jewelers in town. 


    Never Ending Diamonds
    Getting engaged soon? Celebrating an anniversary? We have the largest selection of diamond engagement rings in the area. Odds are, we have the piece you've been looking for. Or, if you really want to wow your significant other, talk to us about creating a custom piece for the special occasion.

    Gold That Lasts
    We also offer the best quality of gold, silver, and diamonds. In gold, we specifically offer 14 karat and 18 karat pieces, as these are the preferred karat options for jewelry.  As you may be aware, gold is a soft, highly malleable metal. Therefore, when it comes to jewelry that you want to last a lifetime, a higher karat, doesn't necessarily mean higher quality. Fourteen karat and 18 karat are in the middle range, leaving you with a higher gold percentage (making it more resistant to tarnishing) while maintaining strength and durability. 


    A+ Diamonds
    All of our diamonds have been graded by the GIA (Gemological Institute of America). This independent, non-profit organization specializes in research and evaluation of various precious gems, including diamonds. To evaluate the quality of a diamond, gemologists in the GIA’s research labs examine the stone according to the four C’s: color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. Get an appraisal of your diamond’s quality from our GIA certified gemologist. Call or stop by to learn more 

    Which Will Be Your New Favorite? We Offer a Wide Assortment of Products That Includes

    • Gold Cuban Links chains / Bracelets  special order any size  lower price guarantee 

    • Silver Jewelry

    • Men's Jewelry 

    • Children's Jewelry

    • Gold Wedding Bands

    • Pre-Owned Watches

    • Custom Design Jewelry

    • Jewelry Engraving

    • Judaica Jewelry

    • Jewelry Repair

    • Watch Repair / Battery 

    • We Buy  Gold , Platinum, Silver / Diamonds 

    • Buy / trade your jewelry 

    Find the piece that's meant to belong to or your loved one. Shop with DSH Oakwood Jewelers now.

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    One of our most prominent services is repairs. We know that jewelry is often more than just a flashy accessory—it can often be an important part of your family legacy or show the depth of your devotion to a loved one. That's why we go beyond selling jewelry: we help you take care of it.


    Because we are already fluent in custom jewelry designs, we are also fluent in all the industry-best standards for repairs. Some of the most common repair issues include resizing rings, chain repairs, and adjusting the prongs that keep your gemstones in place.


    Pro Tip: If your gemstones are loose, you might not realize until it's too late. Check the strength of your prongs by touching your stones with a toothpick. If they move, then you need to get them repaired.


    Likewise, we are also well-versed in watch repairs. Some of the most common of these include battery and crystal replacement (which are essential to the functioning of your watch), dial finishing, as well as a simple, regular cleaning and polishing.
    Whatever your repair needs, DSH Oakwood Jewelers has the experience and expertise you’ve been looking for. We can repair almost any piece of jewelry, whether you purchased it from us or somewhere else. Do you have a piece that needs mending? Call us now to set up your appointment. 

    Our Diamonds Are GIA Certified

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            Jewelry Repairs          Professional Jewelry & Watch Repairs      Watch Repairs

    All of our diamonds have been graded by the GIA. This independent, non-profit organization specializes in the research and evaluation of various precious gems, including diamonds. To evaluate the quality of a diamond, gemologists in the GIA’s research labs examine the stone according to the four C’s: color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. Interested in the grade of your diamond? Just ask our certified gemologist for its report.

    Who Is The GIA? (And What Do They Do?)
    The GIA is not in the jewel selling business. It is an organization devoted to researching and determining the quality of various gem types, including diamonds, setting an industry-wide standard for consistent evaluation of gems. The process of reporting on a diamond's quality is called its grade (or GIA certification). The GIA operates in this unbiased way so that jewelers and jewel-buying customers can have a standardized glimpse into the quality of the diamond. In other words, by looking at a diamond’s grade, you’ll know exactly what kind of diamond you’re getting. We at DSH Oakwood even have a GIA certified gemologist on staff, so that you know you are purchasing what are unanimously agreed upon as high-quality diamonds.


    A Diamond’s 4 C’s
    When you buy a GIA certified diamond from DSH Oakwood Jewelers, simply ask to see the diamond’s grade report. Our staff will be happy to supply you with this and explain just what everything means. A diamond’s grade is based on what’s known as the 4 C’s: color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. But what do these mean more precisely?

    • Color is measured from D (colorless) to Z (yellow or brown shades). The less color a diamond has, the higher the grade.

    • The clarity portion of the evaluation determines how many inclusions and blemishes are present within the diamond, and if any treatments have been performed on the diamond in attempt to improve the clarity.

    • The cut of the diamond is inspected not just for the diamond's shape but also how its shape affects the diamond's sparkle and brilliance. It has five grades, ranging from excellent to poor.

    • One carat is equal to 200 mg. Your diamond is weighed with an electronic micro-balance scale that measures with extreme accuracy. Once you know your diamond's precise size, its proportions and facet angles are also taken into account for overall size and weight.


    Together, these factors act as the blueprint guide to your diamond’s features that make it a high-quality gem.

    How Our Gemologist Can Help You
    At DSH Oakwood Jewelers, we have our own in-house GIA certified gemologist on staff who is here to help with appraisals and to help you understand anything and everything you want to know about your diamond. This can be a diamond you are purchasing from us or one you already own. If it is a new diamond you are purchasing, simply ask to see the diamond’s grade and our gemologist will happily supply it and go through it with you. If you’d like to submit your own diamond for GIA grading, our gemologist will be happy to help you with that process too. Call now to learn more.


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    Looking for your new favorite piece of jewelry? A gift for your loved one? A diamond engagement ring? Look no further because we are the finest jewelry store Hollywood, Florida, has to offer. DSH Oakwood Jewelers carries a wide assortment of diamond, gold, and silver jewelry, children’s jewelry, Judaica, and so much more. For our creative customers, we also offer customizable designs so that you can be sure you’re giving the perfect gift for your loved one. We also help you take care of your jewelry (learn about the quality of your diamond from our GIA certified gemologist), or get your jewels or watch repaired here. When it comes to the finer things in life,we at DSH Oakwood Jewelers do it all. Shop our full collection today. 

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