Why Watch Repair Should Be Left To The Pros

Did your favorite watch recently stop working? It is damaged, but you don't want to buy a new one? Is that watch irreplaceable, and you must get it fixed? Here at DSH Oakwood Jewelers, we are the pros that you can trust to fix and repair your watch. The last thing you want to do is make the damage worse by attempting to fix it yourself. Our watch repair shop is here to help! Located near Hollywood, you can count on the best watch repair near me.

What Are The Most Common Repairs?

You have to realize that a watch is a very delicate object, so you have to be careful with and avoid dropping it at all costs. One of the most common issues that cause breaks or damage is that people wear their watches while doing everything, like doing mechanical work in a garage or while playing tennis. Everything inside a mechanical watch is a moving part. On a more complicated watch, you can have 300 to 500 parts inside all working together. So if you hit the watch or are not careful, you will break something. Small things like taking your watch off when you apply lotion can go a long way to keeping a watch in better condition. Many repairs could be avoided if people just took better care of them. We recommend you taking it off when you sleep and wiping it down at least once a week. If it's water-resistant, you can use an old toothbrush and some warm water.

Fix-It Yourself or Leave It to a Watch Repair Shop

We would not recommend servicing a watch yourself, beyond wiping it down. This is because there is a real risk of damaging the watch. Everyone is guilty of it, whether it be by prying open the back of a watch to change the battery or shaking the watch to try and get it restarted. It is also important to only conduct repairs on watches in clean environments. Your apartment may have dust and you might not think to put on gloves before opening up your watch.if the dust settles in, you basically have to take it all apart again and start from the beginning. At a watch repair center everyone is in lab coats and watches are only worked on in clean environments.

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